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Whats better than books? Books on sale and books you can snag for free. This doesn’t happen very often so take advantage while you can. Today we turn our blog over to award-winning author A.D. Trosper.

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Biggest sale on books you may or may not have heard of!

Many have read these, many more have not. Some will share this because they love them, other won’t because they don’t wish to inflict my books on people they care about. On the flip side of that, if you didn’t like them, share this to your enemies! Plenty of opportunity abounds for lovers and haters alike! Here is your chance to spread the love (or torture those you feel are deserving). All of my books are on sale in one way or another, so take advantage of it since I don’t do these often. The sale runs from today, May 27th thru Monday, May 30th.

A New Beginning (short prequel)—FREE

AD 4

In the War of Fire, death often heralds a new beginning…

Dragons, magic, and war are commonplace for sixteen year old Emallya. Though she longs for the simple life of hearth and home, some things are not meant to be.

Her dreams for the future are changed in a single night when battle breaches the walls of her home, and she finds her true calling. The innocent hopes of youth are cast aside as Emallya steps forward into a future she never imagined for herself.

*This is a short story within the Dragon’s Call world and includes a bonus peek into Embers at Galdrilene, the first Dragon’s Call book.


Get it FREE on Amazon


Embers at Galdrilene (Dragon’s Call book 1)

embers new cover

“A ray of light, a stain of shadow, shall endure to breathe life and death into the future”

The war between the Guardians and the Shadow Riders ended in total devastation. The final battle killed all the dragons and left nothing but fields of ash. A small clutch of dragon eggs was all that remained to provide hope for the future.

Five hundred years later, the ability to use magic is a death sentence and dragons are remembered as a curse. But the unhatched dragons sing for their riders…and six lives will be changed forever.

The elements of magic are drawn together as the dragons’ call leads them on a journey where they learn everything they’ve been taught to believe about magic and dragons is wrong.

With the last of the dragons and the world at stake, they will risk everything to heed the call.

But an evil from the past rises again. Shadow Dragons ride the dawn once more…


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Tears of War (Dragon’s Call book 2)

New Tears of War cover

“Old things come again and new things surface.”

Faced with a looming war, the riders have no choice but to leave the safety of Galdrilene and reach out to the nations for help. But the Shadow Riders are doing the same and not all nations are opposed to their rule.

New discoveries are made, old wounds are reopened and betrayal hides among welcoming smiles.

As one nation begins to unravel it’s clear that some choices, even those made with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences.


Get it for 1.99 on Amazon


Ashes and Spirits (Dragon’s Call book 3)

Smaller cover

“The incomplete weave breeds the darkness…”

Presented with impossible odds, the Guardians struggle to hold against the Shadow Riders. While enemies from within are discovered and allegiances are formed, the losses mount.

As the war escalates, one Guardian may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all.


Get it for 1.99 on Amazon


Bound by Time—FREE


Time knows no bounds when you are tested to your limits…

Isobel Moore is looking forward to spending her summer break alone while her parents are overseas. But when she returns home from college she discovers it’s no longer the welcoming place it used to be…and that something sinister now resides within.

As Isobel begins to question her sanity, a mysterious neighbor moves next door with plenty of his own secrets…and Damien DeLuca has the uncanny ability to always show up when the unexplainable happens.

Now Isobel must unravel a past that tests her limits and everything she thought she knew—before the darkness kills her.

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Bound by Legend

Featured Image -- 1759

When demons show up there will be hell to pay…

At nineteen Morgan has already faced more loss than she can handle and has more experience living on the street than she wants. Unable to do anything other than keep on the move in order to hide from the demons that hunt her, she guards her heart and emotions carefully. But when the demons start talking to her and calling her by a name from another life, things spiral beyond her control.

Lucian, an ancient dark angel who has seen his fair share of lives, is happy being a free agent until he’s assigned to Morgan. Determined to do everything on her own, she’s unlike any channel he’s ever met.

As the danger mounts and a demon prepares to open a gateway to the underworld, Morgan must find a way to overcome her past in order stop him. Offered what her heart desperately wants, and holding a key that will close the gate but open another, Morgan struggles find the strength to make the right choice.

Get it for .99 on Amazon


What people are saying about the Dragon’s Call books

The people that were happy:

“I thoroughly enjoy these books and feel anyone that love true Fantasy, full of magic and dragons, will enjoy these books. The characters are richly written and the storyline is addictive. The interaction between dragon and rider is some of the best Fantasy I’ve read. I love the relationships the author has developed between the two.”

“Took a well used genre (dragon riders) but added a new twist that had me struggling to put the book down. Real page turner that keeps you on your toes.”

“All 3 books are just wonderful. From start to finish it will keep on edge just waiting for what will come next. You won’t be disappointed!! These books have gotten me in trouble!! I couldn’t put it down, tried for work as a result!! Dragon Loves must read set. Looking forward to reading more books by this Author!!!”

And the people who weren’t happy:

“Very boring. ….”

“This book might take prize for overall, most cliche fantasy book Ive read this year.”


And those that are neither:

USA Bestseller List says, “Who are you?”

New York Times says, “This is a restraining order…”


The happy for the Bound series:

“Such a sweet, romantic and action packed story. From the onset, you’re drawn in and intrigued by everything going on. I never knew a window could be so menacing!”

“I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bound by Time.”

“Amazing & intriguing story. From the very beginning I was drawn in & it never disappointed.”

The unhappy:

“The storyline was slow and uneventful with very little happening along the way.”


“Hated main character.”


USA Bestseller lists says, “We still have no clue who you are.”


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Love Paris? It’s now on sale… @JulietteSobanet #romance

Love Paris? Then don’t miss this exclusive sale!

Now through April 26th  Meet Me in Paris by Juliette Sobanet is on sale for only 99 cents and £0.99

Meet Me in Paris by Juliette Sobanet

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And, as a special thank you, Juliette’s first poetry collection I Loved You in Paris is on sale for FREE everywhere through April 29th.

I Loved You In Paris by Juliette Sobanet

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Special Message From Juliette:

And for any of my readers who leave an honest review on Amazon for either Meet Me in Paris or I Loved You in Paris, just send me a message on Facebook with the link to your review, and I’ll gift you a Kindle copy of one of my other books ~ your choice! (And if you already have them all, the next one is on me!) Reviews are so, so helpful for authors, and I wanted to give back to my readers who take the time to leave them. So thank you!


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April Book Giveaway—Minstrel and Money & The Human Condition #HistoricalFantasy #FinancialPlanning

Now through April 30th, you can enter to win signed print copies of these great reads at This month features Minstrel, the award finalist, historical fantasy by Marissa Ames and Money & The Human Condition by Douglas Obey, an excellent nonfiction book, which explains how money works as well as offering tips for money management and financial planning.

Minstrel by Marissa Ames and Money & The Human Condition by Douglas Obey: The featured April Author/Book Spotlights at BHC Authors for April 2016

Click HERE to enter to win through April 30th, 2016

About Minstrel

The Tir Athair series introduces medieval fantasy to a wide audience, bringing intrigue, adventure, and a little romance into a highly accessible and engaging saga.

A troupe of entertainers rides into town on the eve of a kingdom’s fall into chaos. The good king has died and twin princes grapple for the throne. Forced into servitude, the players witness deceit that enslaves people from the king’s guard all the way down to a young washerwoman forced to live three lives. When Riordan takes the crown, his twin indentures the minstrel into recording the kingdom’s true history, a decision that condemns both Liam and the prince to a death sentence.

Minstrel details the start of a civil war, through the eyes of a minstrel whose life of poverty becomes a much more dangerous game.

About Money & The Human Condition

Make your money work for you…

With so much at stake—family security, financial growth and retirement—it is concerning that most people have little to no understanding of financial matters, investments or how the economy works. Nor do they believe the basic concepts behind financial growth are anything they need to know. They simply look at their 401K report quarter after quarter, note the changes and wonder, “How did this happen?”

Why in the most capitalistic society on earth, do we Americans understand so little about how money works? A fascinating dichotomy, really, and one rooted in both western culture and human nature. Understanding this will help you master the art of making money work for you instead of continuing to work so hard for it. What’s so fascinating is that it is more about the study of human behavior than finance and money, hence the title of the book, Money and the Human Condition.

Purchase Minstrel or Money & The Human Condition in eBook or paperback on Amazon. Minstrel is also available in audio format on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.


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February Book Giveaway—Deny Tomorrow and The Legacy #MilitaryRomance #RomanticSuspense

Now through February 29th, you can enter to win these great reads at This month we are giving away a signed print copy of the sizzling military romance Deny Tomorrow from author Ann Heathman and Judith Blevins’  The Legacy, a romantic supernatural suspense set against the backdrop of New Orleans.

BHC Authors February 2016 Book Giveaway—Ann Heathman and Judith Blevins

Click HERE to enter to win one or both through February 29th, 2016

About Deny Tomorrow

When truth leads to heartache and death, it’s easier to deny truth than to face it…

Special Ops leader Zach Acevedo takes his team undercover to assassinate the region’s prominent warlord. He finds Arianna Garrett, a beautiful investigative journalist hiding beneath a burqa. Zach fights to protect Arianna from the danger she faces if discovered, while Arianna strives to expose the team’s covert activities. When the truth surfaces and lives are at risk, who will compromise integrity to hold onto love?

About The Legacy

One night…one moment…changed her life forever… 

Blood is a most peculiar essence, or so the ancient mystics say. A mysterious flow—the carrier of life. Even the demons know the power it can unleash. But such things never entered into the minds of Grant and Caroline Alexander. They were the perfect couple, deeply in love and lost in Grant’s music and the sweet rhapsody of their lives. He was an acclaimed piano virtuoso rocketing toward stardom.

Everything seemed perfect until tragedy struck one dark, stormy night. In that instant, everything changed. Caroline struggles to come to terms with what has happened but she is rapidly drawn into a strange and foreboding world in which she has no control. Convinced she is going crazy, she seeks the help of a psychic, Quinton Lucas. This encounter plunges her into a place of terror and discovery.

Will she be strong enough to break free from what reaches out to her from the grave? Follow Judith Blevins’ spell-binding tale of love, hate, deceit and terror as she takes you on an exciting journey set in the mystique and intrigue of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Purchase Deny Tomorrow or The Legacy in eBook or paperback on Amazon.


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October Book Giveaways—Win signed print copies #amreading #books

October BHC Author Spotlights

If you love books, don’t miss our monthly Author Spotlight and book giveaway. Each month features two authors and two signed print books up for grabs.

October features Beneath The Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook and Crown Of Thorns by E.M. Keelan. And with the holidays coming these books also make great gifts as well. Enter to win one or both titles.

Don’t wait…enter by 10/31/15.

Click here to enter!


About Beneath The Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook

Beneath The Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook

Dreams define us, shape us and realise our potential…they make us who we are.

Freya won’t let anything stand in her way. Not even death.

A heart-breaking event leaves Freya’s family devastated, but Freya has left clues to her secrets and her family need to uncover them before it’s too late.

As she watches from beyond, hope and stories of love prevail. Her united family help, however, as final yearned for wishes remain unfulfilled, time begins to run out.

Freya is certain she’s the only one who can help as precious life hangs in the balance.


About Crown Of Thorns by E.M. Keelan

Crown Of Thorns - E.M. Keelan

When a paranormal investigator unleashes five fallen angels from Hell’s gate, they enter our world intent on bringing chaos, destruction…and death. Only a supernatural group of heroes, led by the Nephilim Sage, can stop them and close the gate to Hell.

Except Meditrina, one of the fallen angels, has plans of her own. Intent on unifying the vampire clans, her ultimate goal is to become the vampire queen, and wipe out the world.

With the aid of some reluctant vampires, Sage and her team face the battle of a lifetime. Can they stop Meditrina in time, or will they witness the End of Days?

Enter Now For The October Giveaways!

Don’t miss our November spotlights featuring:

Lexy Wolfe—The Raging One

Rebecka Vigus—Sanctuary

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Return to Glebe Point by Patricia Paris: Guest Blog & Release Party 7-13-15 Thru 7-18-15

Today we hand over our blog to BHC Author Patricia Paris—writer of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her fifth novel, Return to Glebe Point, releases Friday, July 17th. To celebrate, Patricia is hosting a fabulous week-long party leading up to release day, and she has some awesome prizes up for grabs. Promotion details are below.

For now, however, sit back…dip your toes in the sand…and listen to the gentle lapping waters of the Chesapeake Bay… Welcome to Glebe Point!

Enter the Romantic World of the Glebe Point Series—By Patricia Paris

I’m so excited to announce that Return to Glebe Point releases July 17th. This is the third book in the Glebe Point series of stand-alone, contemporary romances that focus on the close-knit Morrison family. This Time Forever and Letters to Gabriella, the first two books in the series, tell the story of twin brothers Blake and Justin Morrison as they traverse the wonderful but sometimes rocky road to love. Return to Glebe Point is the story of their cousin, Charlene, who has returned to Glebe Point after being away for five years, with the hope she can rebuild her shattered life.

I write long books. That explains in part why I only publish one or two a year. I admire authors who put out three, four, even five or more in that same time and often wish I could too, but it’s just not the way I write. Part of it may also be that I worry about sending my characters out into the world unprepared. I rewrite and rewrite, changing their words, their clothes, the way they duck their head or hike their chin, rethink their motives. I hover over them like a mother hen protecting her chicks, holding on until they’re basically begging me to trust in them and set them free.

I often get notes from fans telling me they loved the characters in one of my books, how real they felt, or how they didn’t want the story to end because it meant saying goodbye. I love when this happens. Touching someone with my stories, hearing I’ve entertained them for a few hours through my words, and knowing I delivered that happily ever after they were looking for is enormously gratifying. Hopefully it also means the wait was worth it.

So why do so many readers fall in love with Glebe Point and the characters in this series? I could give you my take, but instead, I’d like to introduce you to Mary O’Meara. She knows more about Glebe Point and its inhabitants than almost anyone; after all, she’s one of them. Mary owns the inn and the little cottage where Delaney, Justin, and Charlie each stay in their separate stories. She’s a matchmaker with a heart of gold and a plate of cookies always on hand in case someone happens to stop by. She also has a particular soft spot for the Morrison’s, but I can’t blame her, so do I.


“WHAT makes Glebe Point so special, you ask? Oh dear, where are my manners! Come into the kitchen and sit with me. I just made some crunchy jumbles, and they’re still warm. That’s right, take a couple of them, and relax. I do enjoy having company.

“I guess that’s why I love our little town, everyone knows everyone, and someone’s always stopping by for a visit. You already know I have my favorites. Blake and Justin are like sons to me. I worried about them what with their recent struggles, but they each landed in a good place. Bless their hearts, and bless Delaney and Gabriella for putting up with their shenanigans. I helped bring them all together you know, but that’s another story.

“Now our Charlie’s come home. We’re all so happy she’s back, but worried too, because she’s not acting like the old Charlie. That’s why it’s good she’s here, we won’t let one of our own struggle through something alone, even if they say nothing’s wrong and they don’t need help, which is exactly what Charlie’s been telling everyone.

“If you ask me, and well, I guess you did, I think our girl needs someone in her life who will stand beside her and appreciate what a special woman she is. She told me last week she didn’t want or need a man in her life. Well that’s just poppycock! Everyone needs love. Everyone needs someone, and I’ve got the ideal person in mind. Cooper Barone. He and Charlie are perfect for one another…if only they weren’t both being so stubborn about seeing it.

“Oh, I just heard the reception bell ring. I have new guests arriving today and that’s probably them. Why don’t you take a trip around Glebe Point on your own? You can drop into Mosey’s Diner for lunch. You’re likely to run into some of the Morrison’s there. I think you’d enjoy spending a little time with them.”


If you haven’t read This Time Forever or Letters to Gabriella, check out a sample on Amazon. Return to Glebe Point will release July 17th, and is available now for pre-order by clicking HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you’ve read my other books, thank you. I appreciate your support and hope my stories have brought some enjoyment into your life. If they have, I would love to hear from you. You can send me a note on my Facebook page, or email me at with the subject line: A Reader’s Feedback


About the Glebe Point Promotion

Dates Of Promotion: Monday 7/13 –  Friday 7/17

Prizes Available:

Monday 7/13: A $10.00 Amazon Gift Card (2 Winners)

Tuesday 7/14: A Handcrafted Bookmark (4 Winners)

Wednesday 7/15: A Handcrafted Bookmark (4 Winners)

Thursday 7/16: Signed Copies of This Time Forever & Letters To Gabriella (2 Winners)

Friday 7/17: Signed Copies Of All Three Glebe Point Series Books (1 Winner)

How To Enter & Win:

LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE that day’s promotional ad (a new one for each day) on either my personal Facebook page or my author Facebook page to enter to win the prize for that day. You gain one entry for each activity. So if you like, comment, and share you earn three entries for that day’s prize. The winners from each day will be announced the following day through 7/18.

As a bonus: LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE this blog to earn 3 bonus entries for each contest. That’s a total of 6 entries!

The Prizes:

Handcrafted Bookmarks for the Glebe Point series by BHC author Patricia Paris

Handcrafted Bookmarks

The Novels of the Glebe Point series by BHC author Patricia Paris

Autographed Print Copies of the Glebe Point Books

To Purchase any of these titles, click the below link:

This Time Forever          Letters To Gabriella          Return To Glebe Point

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A.D. Trosper’s Ultimate Dragon’s Call Giveaway—Thru 7-6

Love dragons and epic fantasy? A.D. Trosper is giving away the ultimate fantasy package for Dragon’s Call fans. Enter now through July 6th.

Visit A.D. Trosper’s blog and enter today:  4th of July Dragon’s Call Giveaway!