A.D. Trosper—My Thoughts on The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe


Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows I don’t post a lot of book reviews. I share other’s books when they have a release day or cover reveal, but that’s it for the most part.

But on occasion, I so love a book that I just have to share. This is the case with The Raging One, first book in the Sundered Lands Saga by Lexy Wolfe. I finished it the night before last and still find myself thinking of the characters. Lexy has a deft talent for creating great characters and placing them in a rich world. The interactions between the characters are believable and interesting. The story moved at the perfect pace. There was humor, sadness, prejudice, happiness, and sacrifice. There were characters I loved and those I hated, just as the author intended.

Truly, if you are looking for a great fantasy series…

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Another Excellent Review For The Award-Winning Embers At Galdrilene By. A.D. Tropser

We had the pleasure to design this wonderful book by A.D. Tropser. Now we have the pleasure of sharing this wonderful review! If you are looking for a great fantasy read, look no further than A.D. Trosper.

Embers At Galdrilene by. A.D. Tropser.

New Adult…a new age in genre fiction – Blog Re-post by Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings wrote an excellent blog about the new genre “New Adult” that we wanted to share.

We’ve all heard of the Young Adult genre, most recently made popular by books such as Twilight and the Hunger Games. Those books were a bit too adult to be considered children’s books, and yet they were also not crafted with adult readers in mind. Therefore they fell into this strange in-between that has become known to all as Young Adult fiction.

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