Designing the Apocalypse—Zombie War by Jean Booth

We are pleased to present our cover, interior, and eBook design for Zombie War by BHC author Jean Booth.  Grab your survival gear—the war has begun.

Zombie War is available now in trade softcover and eBook.

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Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Table of Contents


Title Page Interior Design For Print and eBook (each part features a different graphic)


Interior Design For Print and eBook (part two chapter graphic shown)


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Text Divider Graphic And Design Elements



Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet (part two shown)

Read A Sample

To read a sample of Zombie War and to see all the design elements, click HERE

To watch the trailer we created for Zombie War click the arrow below:


Event flyer designed for release day and Jean Booth’s Zombie Prom


And finally, the mug we designed for the release party as giveaways and promotion of the book

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Surving Number Seventy-Five: The Movie Comes to a Product Near You

It was exciting and an honor to work with author Ashley Fontainne and the movie crew on the Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming film adaptation of her award-winning novella Number Seventy-Five. Along with the movie poster and the movie website, we also created promotional items that were used as prizes for the Indiegogo campaign in support of the film.


T-shirt front—We created the tagline:  I Survived Number Seventy-Five


T-shirt back showing the movie poster

Mug_MockupCoffee Mug


Full prize package for a $100 campaign pledge

The complete prize pack includes an 11-ounce mug, T-shirt, signed book, eBook, audiobook, and a poster signed by the cast of the film. All designs by Blue Harvest Creative.

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign and wished you could snag some of these spiffy items—fear not! Movie promotional items with the slogan I Survived Number Seventy-Five will be on sale on the movie website very soon.

Follow the film:




Book Trailer Premiere—Shame The Devil by Joel Mark Harris

We are pleased to present our book trailer premiere for Shame The Devil by Joel Mark Harris:

Don’t miss this exciting mystery thriller from award-winning author Joel Mark Harris

Available now on Amazon in Print and eBook

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About the Author

Joel Mark Harris graduated from the Langara Journalism School in 2007. He is an award-winning journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and producer. His first novel, A Thousand Bayonets, won an Editor’s Choice Award and the Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Thriller. His feature-length film Neutral Territory won ten awards.

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11 Creative Uses for a Business Card

Ever consider using a business card for something other than a business card? Not only are they one of the most affordable print products around, they are also the perfect size and handy to carry. When designed effectively, this card packs a powerful punch and can be used for a myriad of items. Add in a two-sided design and you’ve doubled your promoting abilities.

Let’s explore eleven exciting ways this small, yet powerful product can sizzle: 

Updated Business Cards

Obviously, this isn’t a new idea, however, have you updated your business card to reflect today? It’s important to add your social media affiliations such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any others you may use. This will increase your networking power. Your website and email should also be included. Perhaps you write an informative blog. And don’t forget if you sell online, to include your Ebay or Etsy information. Providing links for all these avenues will enable people to connect with you and your products and help drive traffic your way. 

Pocket-sized Billboards

Do you have an event to promote? If you are on a budget, consider using a business card. You’ll save at least half the printing cost when you compare a business card to a flyer.

Promote Your Work

Are you an artist, author, actor or photographer? Have cards designed to promote you and your work. Include thumbnails of your photography, art, movies you appeared in or your published books. Don’t forget to include a bio or a brief introduction about you. It’s an easy and affordable way to introduce people to you and your work.

Product Hang-tags or Custom Pricing Tickets

Do you sell products in antique stores, consignment shops or festivals? Consider having custom designed tags. The business card is an ideal size and the thickness will hold up nicely. Include relevant information on your product or business and use the other side for pricing. Use a single hole punch on the card and then attach it to your items using string, twine or a pretty ribbon. It will add an elegant and beautiful signature touch to your product.

Coupons and Customer Appreciation Cards

Whether you have a retail or online business, create coupons or discounts on  these handy-sized items to provide incentives to your customers. 

Loyalty Cards or Punch Cards

Reward your customers by providing a loyalty card or frequent visitor punch card. You’ll increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat patrons.

Gift Giving Occasions

Instead of writing everything by hand, why not create your own designs and simplify? Store bought labels and small tags often leave little room to write in everything. You can design tags for all the special occasions in your life or make a generic one to fit all. Some to consider are birthdays and holidays. Select a festive scene to incorporate along with your customized signature. Don’t forget to include a large enough line or space to include the recipient’s name.

Canning & Homemade Goodies

We love receiving canned or baked goods as presents. Labels are nice but often they can smudge or fall off. Consider creating tags for your homemade treats, especially if you have signature recipes you make every year. You’ll have enough room to include the food’s name, ingredients (especially important if someone has a nut allergy) and the recipient’s name. If it’s not a secret family recipe, consider sharing how to make it as well.

Save The Date Cards or RSVP Cards

Perfect for weddings, graduations, reunions, showers and party planning events.

Sporting Events and League Calendars

It can be hard to keep track of all the sporting events and leagues you’re involved in. Consider having cards printed showing the schedule and times for your team’s season.

Personal Information Cards

Easily share your personal information with your friends, family and those you meet. Having a personal card created eliminates the need to scrounge for a pen and paper. Items to consider including are a photo of yourself or your family, address, phone numbers and email. You might also want to include important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Other tips and pointers for creating, designing and printing your cards: 

  • Work with a graphic designer that will create you a unique design. You’ll find most (including us) are partnered with printers that will blow many companies (like Vistaprint) out of the water. Make sure your designer offers printing services that includes quality, custom features and affordable printing.  Shop around.
  • Consider using rounded corners on your cards. They soften the design and are a cost-effective feature.
  • Know what quality you are getting before you order. Some cards are very flimsy and easily bend or crinkle. Make sure your cards are printed on stock that is at least 14 or 16 point so they stand up.
  • Find out about all the features offered. Often, they aren’t that much more to include. Some fun features available are foils, Lenticular designs (4D), plastic and fold-overs.
  • Ask about sizes. The standard business card size is 3-1/2″ x 2″ but you can also get them in a nifty slim design that is 1.5″ x 3.5″.

Here are three fun examples of two-sided business cards we’ve designed to help inspire you:

An updated business card for selling in antique stores and online

Using the “billboard” technique, this business card highlights online product beautifully

Combine your card as an appointment card

And there you have it, creative concepts to help inspire you with inventive ways to use a business card. We hope we’ve helped spark your imaginations!