Surving Number Seventy-Five: The Movie Comes to a Product Near You

It was exciting and an honor to work with author Ashley Fontainne and the movie crew on the Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming film adaptation of her award-winning novella Number Seventy-Five. Along with the movie poster and the movie website, we also created promotional items that were used as prizes for the Indiegogo campaign in support of the film.


T-shirt front—We created the tagline:  I Survived Number Seventy-Five


T-shirt back showing the movie poster

Mug_MockupCoffee Mug


Full prize package for a $100 campaign pledge

The complete prize pack includes an 11-ounce mug, T-shirt, signed book, eBook, audiobook, and a poster signed by the cast of the film. All designs by Blue Harvest Creative.

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign and wished you could snag some of these spiffy items—fear not! Movie promotional items with the slogan I Survived Number Seventy-Five will be on sale on the movie website very soon.

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Movie Book Cover Reveal—Number Seventy-Five by Ashley Fontainne

We loved the original cover we designed for Number Seventy-Five by bestselling author Ashley Fontainne. This novella became an award-winner in September 2013 when it won the bronze medal at the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards for best fiction/suspense.


Number Seventy-Five Original Cover

When it was announced Number Seventy-Five was being made into a feature film, we wanted to update the cover to include the components we used in designing the movie poster. The new cover is dark and sinister while also capturing the grittiness and terror of the story. We also created the tagline Dating Just Got Deadly for both the movie poster and the book design, and helped update the book blurb.


Number Seventy-Five—Movie Cover Version for eBook


Number Seventy-Five—Movie Cover Version for Print Book


Number Seventy-Five: The Movie Poster

Number Seventy-Five Book Blurb:

Three years after the demise of her seventeen year marriage, Mandy Russell decides it’s time to jump back into the choppy waters of the dating world. Except there’s one problem—the small town she lives in offers few options. Persuaded by her best friend, Mandy reluctantly joins an online dating site.

Almost instantly, Mandy meets someone. Someone she connects with. Someone that makes her comfortable. Someone that has dark, sinister plans and desires for her. Unaware of what she’s about to encounter, Mandy is off to meet the possible man of her dreams. It will take everything she has to survive the nightmare waiting for her.

Will Mandy prevail or will this deadly date be her last?

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Number Seventy-Five: Movie Poster & Branding

Today celebrates our 100th blog post. The one thing we love as much as books is movies and we were super excited to design the movie poster for the upcoming film adaptation of “Number Seventy-Five” by award-winning author Ashley Fontainne—read on to learn more about this exciting movie.


The Movie Poster for Number Seventy-Five

When it was announced Number Seventy-Five was being made into a feature film, we were extremely honored to design the movie poster. Our goal was to create something dark and sinister while also capturing the grittiness and terror of the story.

We also created the tagline for the poster—”Dating Just Got Deadly.”

The film will begin production in spring/summer 2014. Produced by Amir Jaffer Productions and Confident Actor Pictures, the film will be written and directed by Cynthia Macadam and will star Sabrina Stewart.

Sabrina Stewart also narrates the audio version of Number Seventy-Five, which can be purchased on by clicking HERE.

Social Media Branding

We also designed a custom Twitter background and a custom Facebook banner for the upcoming movie:


Twitter Background


Screenshot of Twitter Background and Custom Avatar


Facebook Banner

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It’s A Munster Thing…Or Butch Patrick, The Drag-u-la Car & Halloween – Oh My!

The sights, smells and sounds of October are upon us. Crackling leaves, dancing flames of bonfires and the heady scent of cider mills linger upon the wind.

Anticipation abounds in the air as the dates draw near. Somehow, the words October 21 and October 22 are sweeter than the taste of candy corn. The switch has been thrown and it’s time to cackle in glee and shout it’s alive! Our first movie poster hangs proudly at the Redford Theatre and soon the doors will swell with swarms of people to see it. Well, maybe they aren’t all here to just see the poster in person…

So if you’re looking for something spectacular to do to celebrate Halloween. If you love The Munsters and want to see them on the BIG screen. Have a thing for werewolves and want to rub fur with, snap a photo, and get an autograph from Butch Patrick. Or if sitting in coffin cars makes your heart beat and you want to capture the moment by having your picture taken in the Drag-u-la Car courtesy of Motor City Reel Rides – we highly recommend this hauntingly fun Halloween event.

We’ll be hobnobbing with all the goblins including Paul from Treasures From Paul’s Basement (the movie sponsor with the cool classic movie posters), the rad guys from Motor City Reel Rides and THE Butch Patrick. Plus, travel along with Butch Patrick on his Whistle Stop Train Tour and join him in your own city. What could be more fun than that?

Oh, and if you want to say hi, we won’t be hard to find. Just look for the two grinning ghouls hugging the Munster, Go Home poster.

Happy hauntings from Blue Harvest Creative to all of you! We look forward to seeing everyone there.


  • Meet Butch “Eddie Munster” Patrick! He will be appearing at all shows, signing autographs and posing for pictures.
  • Autographs, memorabilia and photos with Butch Patrick are available for purchase at the event or bring your own favorite items to have autographed!
  • Don’t miss seeing and having your picture taken inside the Munster Drag-u-la car courtesy of Motor City Reel Rides.
  • FYI – autographs, memorabilia and photos are cash only.
  • Be sure to bring your camera! There are no restrictions for general picture taking.
  • Everyone is encouraged to attend dressed in their favorite costume. Celebrate Halloween at the Redford Theatre!
  • Tickets for the movie are only $5.00!
  • Remember cartoons? Don’t miss the 1938 Midnight Frolics cartoon!
  • Enjoy the beautiful organ overture played on the Barton Pipe Organ.


  •  Friday, October 21               8pm          Doors open at 7pm
  • Saturday, October 22           2pm          Doors open at 1pm
  • Saturday, October 22           8pm          Doors open at 7pm

The Redford Theatre is located at 17360 Lahser Road, Detroit, Michigan 48219. For more information, visit

The Historic Redford Theatre & Blue Harvest Creative

We love to design. We also love to watch movies. Especially the classics. What could possibly be more fun than doing either of these? Designing movie posters for the films that we love!

Blue Harvest is pleased to announce that we will be designing the movie posters for the classic films shown at the Historic Redford Theatre located in Detroit, Michigan. We are honored to be working with this wonderful organization. To say we are excited about the opportunity to give a fresh look to our favorite films is an understatement!

Our first design was the 1960s classic comedy Munster, Go Home. Shown are both versions of the poster. Poster #1 is the official movie poster and Poster #2 is the other version. We love ‘em both!

It’s already on display in the lobby. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than literally seeing your work come to life. Which, in this case, is our cool movie poster that stands an impressive 3 feet by 4 feet. We don’t mean to be biased but we think it looks incredible!

We’ve always been big fans of the television sitcom, The Munsters, so it was a thrill to design and compose. And, Butch Patrick (you know, “the” Eddie Munster) will be a special guest appearing at all of the shows. The movie will be showing October 21 and October 22, 2011. We can’t wait to attend!

Over the next several months, we’ll be debuting movie posters from seven classic films. These include the classic silent film The Hunchback of Notre Dame from 1922 and Miracle on 34th Street.

Love classic movies? The Historic Redford Theatre has a great lineup of films. If you happen to live nearby, take some time and check them out. The theatre is breathtaking and transports you back in time the minute you walk through the door. It’s a great place to revisit some great classics from yesteryear and watch them on the big screen! Not to mention seeing our really cool movie posters.

We look forward to sharing more of our work with you!